13 June 2006

Yippy. Just recieved my merchandize from Sweet Gift.

Rem this?

In real life, it look like this:

I also bought an additional white dress. The model wear very nice.. I scare i wear liao look like i'm one of the backward mainlander ...

In real life, i find this dress quite scary...cos it black and white..

I dun think i will buy online clothes anymore. real life and online, very different. i worry most about the size but it came as a surprise to me that i find both piece abit huge. Note i already a big frame girl by singaporean standard. Somemore the model wear so pretty, the photographer shoot so nice, i wear KNS!!

I'm still paranoid. I freak out when i saw the car with the num 4441 cut into my lane on my way home. If you read it backward, you'll understand.


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